Concord, Tennessee


Concord, Tennessee is a village east of the town of Farragut and west of Knoxville in Knox County. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is Knox County’s only historic district outside of Knoxville’s city limits.

Concord was founded and platted in 1854 on land owned by James M. Rodgers. Mr. Rodgers caused 55 lots to be laid out, and gave the new town the name Concord.

Concord developed rapidly after the arrival of the railroad. The first dwelling in Concord, a boarding house, was built by Shadrack Callaway. In the 1880s Concord became the center of a large marble business. By 1887 Concord was the largest town in Knox County excepting Knoxville and was a regional transportation center. The Great Depression, advances in transportation, and the flooding of much of the town by TVA in 1944, brought economic hardship on the village.

Today, Concord is experiencing rebirth as residents appreciate Concord’s heritage and unique place in Knox County history. 


“The Village of Concord is a unique historic and architectural resource—a clear picture of community life in Knox County in the nineteenth century.”   Restore Knoxville

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